Kenya Milima Orthodox Tea

Brewing Hints: Infuse for three to four minutes in water that is around 85C

Leaf: GFBOP1 (Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe 1)

Origin: Chemase, Kaporoet and Saramek Tea Estates and then manufactured at Saosa Factory in Kericho

Characteristics: A bright, coppery coloured liquor with a very pleasant bordeaux-like flavour

Serving Suggestions: This Kenyan Tea is best drunk without milk at any time of the day

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Product Description

Kenya Milima is one of the very few full leaf (Orthodox) teas made in Kenya.The overwhelming majority of the tea produced here is CTC (Cut, Tear and Curl, Crush, Tear and Curl) and destined for teabags.

Milima is a Kenyan Tea that has a wonderful astringency and plenty of body but with a pleasing smoothness and elegance, with a hint of Rooibos and Nilgiri to it.

Milima means mountain or ‘high place’ in Swahili. It is a most apt description as the leaves used for making Milima tea are grown at 6000 feet or higher. Milima tea comes from selected bushes from three estates at or above this altitude, these being Chemase, Kaproret and Saramek. At this altitude there are far fewer pests and insects that affect tea and the tea estates that provide tea for Milima do not need to used pesticides or herbicides although the tea is not certified organic.

The bushes are selected from clonal bushes which were developed at the Applied Research Department of African Highlands Produce Company, and is manufactured at a factory called Saosa which was built very early in Kenya’s tea production history circa 1929.

The leaves are picked very early in the morning, taken immediately to the factory and rolled in the orthodox manner which helps to give the tea its distinctive twisted appearance and also helps to maintain the teas more delicate characteristics. The leaf grade of this tea is GFBOP1, the generous and careful initial pick of the leaves allows for plenty of golden tips in this unique and very exclusive tea.




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