La Fretta Espresso Blend Coffee

Brewing Hints: Allow a mid-20 second extraction. The right grind should produce 30ml of coffee

Roast Depth: Medium Roast

Origin: India and Brazil

Characteristics: A lovely, smooth aftertaste with an energetic body

Serving Suggestions: Works well in cappuccino and latte. A good all-day espresso.

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Product Description

‘La Fretta’ translates as ‘haste’, which is exactly why you would have an Espresso! Our La Fretta delivers an intense coffee hit and has a thick crema reminiscent of a pint of Guinness.

This is our best value espresso blend and we have worked very hard to find the right balance between quality and price and this has manifested as our La Fretta espresso blend.

Often perfection is found in simplicity, in this case the blend is a very simple one and is 70% Indian Cherry Robusta and 30% Brazil Santos. The reason our La Fretta tastes so good is because of the quality of the Robusta we buy. Robusta (coffea canephora) flourishes at sea-level up to about 1100 metres and whilst it is consumed widely, robusta is not generally seen as quality coffee however we use our trusted suppliers Allanasons and Mr Deviah Allana ensures we receive the best sorted, cleanest, best flavoured robustas that he produces in the Mysore district (see also Indian Mysore Coffee, which are an fine example of the excellent quality Arabicas produced in this area).

In Espresso blends robusta is used to give crema, and Indian Cherry Robusta is known to produce the best crema when used in espresso blends. It also allows the espresso to distinguish itself when used as a base for milky drinks. It is important that the flavour of a blend is balanced and has a certain sweetness, that’s why we don’t go more than 70% Robusta and balance it with 30% smooth, chocolatey Brazilian Santos Arabica.




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