Lemon and Ginger Blend

Brewing hints: Infuse for 3 to 4 minutes in freshly boiled water

Leaf: Pieces of lemon peel with ginger root, fennel seeds, rosehip shells, apple and orange peel

Origin: Spain, India, China, Chile and Nigeria

Characteristics: A light purple coloured liquor (due to the hibiscus) with a zesty and warming flavour

Serving suggestions: Drink hot or cold, at any time of the day. Ideal with a salad in the garden, or as a reviving winter drink. Use honey liberally if you are really feeling ‘off it’

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Product Description

This blend of Lemon and Ginger is very popular in the UK, and uses the best quality Lemon peel and Ginger root to give you that lovely taste of sunshine and summer. An absolute classic!

Lemon and ginger is not a new combination, but it is delicious and very refreshing. This infusion is completely caffeine-free and once brewed and strained can be chilled very effectively and consumed as an iced drink or indeed it can be frozen into ice-cubes which will compliment many cocktails, spirits and mixers.

There are many additional benefits to drinking this infusion which we will look at here:

Weight-loss – the lemon peel, hibiscus, rosehip shells, apple pieces and orange peel in this infusion contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to promote waste elimination (detoxification) from the body and the anti-inflammatory and gastric properties of ginger are used widely in many slimming formulas.

Immune-system booster – lemon and ginger can also be taken as a tonic, again due to the antibiotic and circulatory benefits of ginger. As an immune-system booster when you have flu or a cold lemon and ginger will be very effective and you can even add honey when you are feeling really sorry for yourself.

Stress reliever – If you are feeling tense or ‘got at’ lemon and ginger could also be an effective stress reliever with the refreshing and calming effects bringing relief for your mind and body.

Our lemon and ginger recipe took us to five different countries. The lemon peel, lemon oil and orange peel are from Spain, the ginger is from China, the fennel seeds are from India, the rosehip shells are from Chile and the hibiscus is from Nigeria.

We noticed that many of the popular blends of lemon and ginger contain liquorice and although liquorice contains purported health benefits, we have not included it in our recipe as we wanted to create a relaxing drink and glycyrrhizinic acid which is one of the components of liquorice can raise blood pressure.


Ingredients: Lemon Peel (64%), Ginger Root (24%), Fennel Seeds, Lemon oil, hibiscus, rosehip shells, apple, orange peel



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