Lemon Tea with Pieces

Brewing Hints: Infuse in boiling water for three to five minutes

Leaf: Large, black leaves with lemon peel pieces

Origin: China

Characteristics: Smooth lemony, astringent and refreshing whether served hot or cold

Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk as a refreshing afternoon or evening tea

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Product Description

Don’t confuse this with the popular Turkish powdered variety of lemon tea, our Lemon Tea with Pieces is a delightfully refreshing drink, which can be drunk hot or cold with ice on a hot day.

Lemon is often served with black tea as an alternative to milk. Our Lemon Tea with pieces is a blend of Keemun Tea and lemon peel. Traditionally the peel of lemon is used in many culinary applications. Lemons themselves are extremely high in vitamin C indeed 100grams of lemon flesh will provide 64% of the recommended daily intake, however, other nutrients within lemons are at a much lower concentration.

The lemon itself (Citrus limon) seems to have originated in Assam, the well-known tea growing area in India, Northern Myanmar or Yunnan in China. It is interesting that these three areas are also at the forefront of tea production and a study of lemon’s origins show it to be a hybrid of the bitter orange and citron. Today Italy grows literally millions of lemons every year with the Italian varietals ‘Femminello st. Teresa’ and ‘Sorrento’. Many of these lemons are used to make the famous liquor Limoncello.

European cultivation of Lemons began in Genoa in the 1450s and later that century was introduced to the Americas by Christopher Colombus who carried Lemon seeds to Hispaniola (Haiti). In 1750s the lemon, with its substantial dose of vitamin C proved very successful when James Lind used it for the treatment of sailors suffering from scurvy. In the 1800s lemons were planted widely throughout Florida and California.

After a little research we believe that the origin of the word lemon maybe from the middle east and the Arabic word ‘laymūn’ or ‘līmūn’.

Keemun tea is a beautifully smooth and drinkable tea which can easily be enjoyed without milk. The addition of lemon peel adds another dimension of astringency to this tea and many people find our lemon tea more refreshing than a cup of the same tea served with milk. It can be sweetened with sugar or honey, and also is delicious when cold brewed and served over ice. Several tea cocktails use an infusion of lemon tea as part of their ingredients. In America, Iced Tea is very popular and lemon flavoured is usually the best seller for the plethora of iced tea brands enjoyed in the US.


Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, lemon flavouring



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