Lemon Verbena

Brewing Hints: Infuse for two – four minutes depending on taste in water that has been freshly boiled

Leaf: Whole lemon Verbena leaves, break them up to fit them in your pot

Origin: Morocco

Characteristics: Refreshing yellowy liquor

Serving Suggestions: Drink without milk after a meal or to settle one’s stomach. A lovely refreshing pick-me-up at any time of the day. It can also be chilled to make a delightful summer drink to which sugar can be added

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Product Description

Lemon Verbena, or Aloysia Citiodora is a South American plant which was brought into Europe in the 17th century by the Spanish and Portuguese initially for its oil. Our whole Lemon Verbena leaves are fully air dried and have a delightful lemon scent when handled or broken.

It also is known in some countries as Lemon Beebrush. It is used very widely in cooking, salads marinades and also for brewing. It can also be added to black tea in place of lemon. Lemon Verbena is known to be high in anti-oxidants and is said in homoeopathy to help with anxiety, stomach pains, PMT and muscle spasms. It contains 30-35% citral which accounts for its flavour and these physical benefits.

Lemon Verbena can be used as an exercise supplement which can reduce the damage done to muscles during workouts and also for similar reasons has been associated with reduced joint pain and fast recovery times for joint related injuries. Finally, Lemon Verbena can be an effective expectorant.

It was first noticed in 1767 by Monsieur Philibert Commerson, and by 1797 two Spanish Professors gave it its Latin name and also called it “Hierba de la Princesa” in honour of Maria Louisa of Palma. By early 1800 Lemon Verbena was very common in botanist greenhouses in London and major European cities and it gained popularity through the following century for a myriad of uses, as well as its highly fragrant bouquet.

The infusion has a strong fragrance and flavour of lemons, without the bitterness associated with this fruit. This is one of the lightest products we pack. Only 25g of Lemon Verbena will entirely fill a packet that will hold 250g of small leaf tea!



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