Milano Blend Coffee

Brewing Hints: Brew using an espresso machine with a 20-25 second extraction for 30ml coffee, or use a cafetiere with a slightly finer grind than normal to extract the pungency and flavour from this blend.

Roast Depth: Dark Roast

Origin: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil

Characteristics: Strong, pungent and powerful

Serving Suggestions: Serve when you feel like a shot in the arm to get you through the day! Also excellent after dinner as a digestif.

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Product Description

Our Milano blend was developed to celebrate the opening of the award-winning Pekoe Café at Northern Tea Merchants. We wanted to create something dark and pungent but with an inherent sweetness. Milano blend uses two coffees produced by the washed process and one produced by the ‘natural’ process with all three coffees roasted together to full ‘city’ roast which creates a pungent, sweet, caramelised flavour from the naturally occurring fruit sugars in the beans. It is a traditional espresso coffee which is made from some of the best Latin American origins and is particularly good after dinner or as a jump-start first thing in the morning. Milano blend has a sweet crisp acidity with just a hint of the roast in the flavour. It is full-bodied, well-balanced and rich.

We’re delighted to now list this coffee blend on the website having sold it as a shop exclusive for the last four years. For those who are interested in the ‘technical’ side of coffee; Milano blend contains six different varietals, namely Bourbon, Catuai, Mondo Novo, Colombia, Typica and Caturra.

We have enjoyed excellent sales on this coffee, through our shop and it has gained many regular customers who brew this coffee in a multitude of ways including filter, cafetière and espresso machine.
Please note: If you are making this coffee on a stove top Moka pot, best results will be obtained from a grind that is filter fine, this is due to the cafeol (coffee’s ‘essential oil’) being particularly prevalent due to the depth we roast this coffee.



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