Padrisimo Espresso Blend Coffee

Brewing Hints: Allow a mid-20 second extraction. The right grind should produce 30ml of coffee

Roast Depth: Light Medium Roast

Origin: Costa Rica, Colombia, India

Characteristics: A fruity taste with a spicy note

Serving Suggestions: Works well in cappuccino and latte. A good espresso to start and brighten the day.

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Product Description

Translated as ‘great’ or ‘cool’, this sums up our ‘Padrisimo’ Espresso Blend Coffee. This Latin American espresso delivers a fruity, spicy taste that will raise a smile.

In mid-2013, we started looking at producing alternative Espresso Blends to our House EspressoIndian Tiger Stripe and Daterra Espresso Blends and created Hermosa Crema DeluxeLa Fretta and Padrisimo Blends. Rather than eating into existing sales of our Espresso Coffee, these additional blends increased Espresso sales by 35%.

When we approached the project of making a largely Latin American Espresso Blend we knew that we would have to try many recipes. The two origins we chose to blend with our preferred Indian Cherry Robusta (for crema) were Colombian and Costa Rican. The first thing we considered was how to control the acidity of washed coffee (as opposed to natural process) in order to avoid a highly acidic taste. We have done this by carefully controlling the regions and estates in both countries that we purchase from for this blend. The first thing we specified was the level of defects in the beans and then the roast depth. Too light a roast will bring out unpleasant bitterness and too dark will simply taste burnt. For utter perfection, this coffee should be used up in its entirety within a month of its purchase, due to the oils within the coffee oxidising and changing in characteristic as the coffee ages. We roast both the coffees in this blend to a full medium roast which allows some of the sweeter and fruitier notes to develop with the two beans. Our Colombian is from the Nari department in the west of Colombia, a volcanic area with high altitude, good soil and many dedicated small-holders.

We picked Tarrazu, being one of the best known and most reliable growing areas in Costa Rica, with its altitude of 1200 – 1700metres and its harvest season of December to March, as the origin from which to source the Costa Rican aspect of this blend. Coffees from this area are renowned for their fine, gentle acidity and excellent balance of body and flavour. Combined in just the right proportions with the Colombian and the Cherry Robusta, we believe that we have created an Espresso Blend that proves that the best Espresso Coffee doesn’t always come from Brazil.





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