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Northern Tea Merchants Daterra Sweet Yellow Coffee

Daterra Sweet Yellow Coffee

Brewing Hints: Ideal for an espresso machine or brew for 3-5 minutes cafetiere using water that is just off the boil

Roast Depth: City roast

Origin: Daterra, Brazil

Characteristics: Elegant brown sugar aroma with an invigorating nutty flavour, a moderate balanced acidity and a smooth medium body.

Serving Suggestions: Makes an excellent cortado (espresso cut with a little warm milk)

Daterra Bourbon Coffee Northern Tea Merchants

Daterra Bourbon Collection Coffee

Brewing Hints: A mid 20 second extraction with water at 96 degrees with a firm tamp.

Roast Depth: Dark (Italian roast)

Origin: Daterra Coffee Estate, Cerrado (which covers 6 huge Brazilian states), Brazil

Characteristics: Chocolate covered fruits with a touch of spiced and caramel sweetness, complimented with a moderate fruity acidity and a full bodied cup.

Serving Suggestions: Drink whenever you feel like a very high quality Espresso.

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Brazillian Santos Coffee NTM1879

Brazilian Santos Coffee

Brewing Hints: Brazilian coffees benefit from being brewed for a while. Allow 5 minutes or so in a cafetiere

Roast Depth: Medium Roast

Origin: Guaxupé in Minas Gerais

Characteristics: A mildly acidic, full-bodied and flavourful coffee

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk at any time of day

Northern Tea Merchants Padrissimo Espresso Blend Coffee

Padrisimo Espresso Blend Coffee

Brewing Hints: Allow a mid-20 second extraction. The right grind should produce 30ml of coffee

Roast Depth: Light Medium Roast

Origin: Costa Rica, Colombia, India

Characteristics: A fruity taste with a spicy note

Serving Suggestions: Works well in cappuccino and latte. A good espresso to start and brighten the day.

Northern Tea Merchants Chocolate Lovers Hamper

Chocolate Lovers Hamper

The perfect blend of chocolate for the chocolate-lover in your life, including our Chocolate Tea and a Milk Chocolate Stirrer to make your perfect Hot Chocolate – simply stir through hot milk! This selection of chocolate will definitely satisfy any chocolate cravings.

Northern Tea Merchants Decadent Espresso Hamper

Decadent Espresso Coffee Hamper

For the real Espresso Buff. We’ve picked our favourite Espresso Blend Coffees, and bundled them with a stove-top espresso maker […]