Coffee trends in 2018 to look out for

Earlier this month, we brought you the growing trends in tea that you were likely to see more of in 2018, now it´s the turn of coffee.

In recent years the appeal of coffee as a beverage has been widened due to the additions of flavourings and brewing techniques. As the high street becomes more crowded with coffee shops, baristas are thinking up different ways to serve coffee to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We’ve picked just five of the coffee trends that have made us raise our eyebrows. Have you heard of them?

  • Glitter coffee
    With the rise of social media comes a need for more aesthetically pleasing drinks… Introducing glitter coffee, because rainbow coffee and latte art just didn’t cut it.
  • Photographs on froth
    Along similar lines to glitter coffee comes photographs on froth. We mentioned the selfiecchino a couple of months ago, but the idea has now broadened to include other photographs. Whether it’s marketing your coffee house or allowing customers to personalise their hot drinks, it’ll certainly be Instagram worthy.
  • Cold brew
    Often confused with iced coffee, cold brew is precisely as it sounds – coffee brewed cold. Grounds are steeped in water to produce a concentrated coffee essence, then served chilled to personal preference. As it doesn’t require electricity or heat it is often favoured amongst eco-focussed groups. It also has a lower level of acidity than a traditional hot brew coffee.
  • Non-dairy milk
    The combination of the rise of veganism and recent experimentation with flavours amongst coffee drinkers has meant lots of coffees being made/served with non-dairy milks, such as soy, almond, coconut and hazelnut. A latte made with hazelnut milk as opposed to cow’s milk and hazelnut syrup, for example, is an interesting flavour substitute for those monitoring their dairy/sugar intake!
  • Butter coffee
    Also referred to a ‘Ketocoffee’, Butter Coffees has been around for a few years but seems to be growing in popularity again as a number of people claim it speeds up the metabolism through the combination of caffeine and zero carb fats. Believed to have originated from Ethiopia and Tibet, Butter Coffee basically involves adding butter and oils to coffee.


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