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Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee

Brewing Hints: This coffee is best made in a cafetiere and allowed to brew for 3 – 4 minutes

Roast Depth: A shade darker than medium

Origin: San Jose, Costa Rica

Characteristics: Costa Rica Tarrazu is full bodied with a pleasant acidity.

Serving Suggestions: Can be drunk at any time of day.

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Product Description

Tarrazu is the name of the 5th canton in the province of San Jose in Costa Rica and is reputed to produce the most desirable coffee beans. Costa Rica Tarrazu is full-bodied brew with a pleasant acidity.

Of the 81 cantons in Costa Rica Tarrazu is arguably known to produce the best coffee. Many coffee companies have been pleased to sell this well-known and beautifully cared for coffee. Coffee from Tarrazu is grown between 1200 and 1700m altitude and is generally harvested between December and March. Tasting notes on Tarrazu coffees tend to concur and usually mention the delightful aroma, the fine acidity and full-bodied characteristics.

Costa Rica has been producing coffee since 1779, with its beginnings in Meseta Central. Tarrazu contains mountains from the Meseta Central called the Talamanca Sierra and highland coffee is the main source of income for the 17,000 or so inhabitants. Although there are small-holdings, most of the coffee in Costa Rica is grown on large coffee plantations.

In 2013/14 Costa Rica produced approximately 1.4 million 60kg bags of coffee, and this sadly is in decline as coffee production continues to face competition for land primarily for urbanisation. Of this 1.4 million, the population of Costa Rica, consumes 345 thousand of these bags.

Our Tarrazu Coffee is from the Santa Maria Dota plantation and is a combination Catuai and Caturra varietals, it is a fully washed coffee, which gives a rich creamy body with a crisp acidity and a lovely note of marzipan and dark fruit.

The Costa Rican people are very proud of their coffee producing heritage and the excellent geological and topographical attributes their country has for producing excellent coffee. Their pride even extends to poking fun at the Colombians by the popularity of bumper stickers on cars that state, ‘Juan Valdez drinks Costa Rican Coffee’ (Juan Valdez is the mythical Patron Saint of Colombian coffee!)



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