Our Customer Favourites for International Coffee Day

In celebration of International Coffee Day on Friday 1st October, we thought we’d honour some of our most popular coffees and blends amongst our customers. From decaffeinated to espresso to house blends there really is something for everyone. Find out more about each of these firm favourites below. Have you tried them all? We’ve linked each coffee to their own page, just in case they tickle your fancy too!

Winter Velvet – This secret blend was created by our head coffee roaster John Carlile way back in 2005 and has been a customer favourite ever since. A mix of medium and dark coffees, this can be drank with or without milk, but we suggest it being served in a cafetière with cream.

Indian Monsooned Malabar – A medium dark roast, this smooth, slightly spicy coffee is a favourite morning brew for many of our customers. It is also great after dinner, with the spicy, winey taste being a great way to round off an indulgent meal. It’s such a wonderful coffee that we also included it in our Indian Summer Blend and our Indian Tiger Stripe Espresso Blend – see below.

Indian Tiger Stripe Espresso Blend – This full-medium roast blend is designed for espresso but works really well in both cafetières and filters. We roast a recipe from Allanason’s in India to create a thick, sweet, rich espresso which attributes its name to the fantastic striped crema, resembling a tiger’s coat on top of the prepared espresso.

Swiss Water Process Costa Rica Decaffeinated Coffee – This coffee is decaffeinated using only water, which retains the unique flavour, body and aroma of this medium rich coffee. Because it’s decaffeinated it can be drank at any time without worry! Best made in a cafetière and allowed to brew for 3-4 minutes.

Mountain Deluxe – This is our most popular house blend. We combine Colombian Medellan Excelso and Kenya AA Coffee, creating a well-rounded blend that works well in filters or cafetières. It produces a smooth, full bodied flavour, which is ideal to enjoy at any time of the day. We sell five cases of Mountain Deluxe Coffee to every other case of coffee blend sell which is testament to just how popular this blend is.

If none of these managed to tackle your tastebuds, you can find investigate all of our coffees and blends here.

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